BiblePay 2019 Q1 Newsletter

Dear BiblePay members,

Where did the time go? I hope everyone had a restful holiday season and are refreshed to take on 2019! Our devs (Rob, MIP, thesnat21, and Bhavani) have all been very busy the last three months contributing new features and bug fixes to the BiblePay code.

TL;DR - What’s new since v1.1.5.7?

  • Mandatory upgrade to v1.1.8.5. Proof of Giving (PoG) production release. Go live is on block 100k. Pool mining is simple set up, making receiving rewards easy.

  • Must be in BiblePay team to earn PoDC rewards again.

  • One click Sanctuary (masternode) setup using Ubuntu 16 or 18

  • Share documents easily using the QT wallet. You can upload a file with your send transaction, share on IPFS, and the recipient gets a link to the document.

  • Accountability (exec theymos) shows key metrics such as BBP sold, BTC raised, and USD donated to charities.

Mandatory Upgrade v1.1.8.5

Version will enable Proof of Giving (PoG) in production. We expect block 100k will arrive on 6 Feb 2019 around 9PM UTC. Please upgrade your wallet before then:

What is Proof of Giving (PoG)?

Rob’s (lead dev) thought on PoG:

The goal is to create a friendly environment where the average user may download BiblePay and launch it in a plug-n-play environment. S/he can start mining without a learning curve. We hope PoG will reward miners fairly. If we can create an environment with positive member growth, we are creating a successful long term future for our orphans and community.


Wiki Pages: Proof of Giving for Beginners | Proof of Giving Part 2

Past Discussions: Add Proof-of-Giving | Mass Adoption for BiblePay | Mass Adoption II

TestNet thread: Testnet - Test Proof of Giving

BiblePay Team is Required for PoDC rewards

The hope behind removing team requirement was to grow BiblePay's popularity by reaching more BOINC users. Removing team requirement clearly did not have the intended effect. Instead of a diverse BiblePay community, we ended up with a few large users earning the top rewards.

You may have also noticed your daily PoDC rewards dropped by more than half in the last 30 days. The BiblePay team (special thanks to thesnat21) have discovered some users are not staking the required BBP yet are receiving more than their fair share of the daily payout. They took advantage of the situation and hurt honest miners. We estimate more than 50% of the daily PoDC reward went to these exploiters. We have a setting to stop this behavior, but the spork is not fully enabled in production. It requires a mandatory upgrade (v1.1.8.5) to ensure all sanctuaries (masternodes) honor this setting.

In the meantime, when Team BiblePay is required, any individual seeking unfair advantage risk being banned by the Team Leader.

What's on the road map?

Roadmap | Roadmap 2019 Q1

  • BiblePay website with support tools (proposals, PoDC summary, explorer, PoG leaderboard)

  • Buy gift cards with BiblePay.

  • View biographies and write "orphans" directly in the wallet.

  • BiblePay Evolution (DASH rebase).

  • Ability to send BiblePay tithe to churches.

Special Mentions

Rob Interview with QIEX exchange

Special thanks to a GridCoin team member, whom wishes to remain anonymous, for donating 577k BBP to the Orphan Foundation. The BiblePay Team and the "orphans" appreciate your big heart and generosity.

Matthew 6:2 New King James Version (NKJV)
2 Therefore, when you do a charitable deed, do not sound a trumpet before you as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory from men. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward.

Let's continue the conversation!

Since the last mandatory, many controversial features and changes are being released into production. How do you feel about these new features and changes? Got questions about setting up PoG? We are here to listen and offer help. Let's continue the conversation at your preferred social media channels:

Discord | Reddit | Twitter | Bitcoin Talk | BiblePay Forum

We appreciate your confidence in us and thank you for being part of the BiblePay community!


The BiblePay Team

Rob | Javier "MIP" | Nate "thesnat21" | Bhavani | Togo | Jaap | Licht

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