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Pure and undefiled religion is to care for orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. (James 1:27)


A Christian based cryptocurrency.

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Clear your concience and help a community dedicated to supporting essential causes while maintaining the highest efficiency.

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Sponsor Orphans
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About BiblePay

BiblePay is a secure deflationary blockchain developed to benefit those in distress.

10% of the emission of the blockchain goes directly to sponsoring Orphans, with provable contributions, contributed to an organization ( that is more than 75% efficient.

Proof of Work has been replaced with Proof Of Biblehash (POB) - an algorithm that compensates full nodes participation, while preventing GPUs and ASIC by requiring full blockchain transaction referencing in the hashing function, along with chained bible verses. This means biblepay subsidizes full nodes that stay online.

Seven minute block targets minimize the blockchain file size, yet BiblePay supports Dash's instantsend for speedy transactions. MasterNodes (called Sanctuaries) will come online after Christmas, allowing all expenses to be voted on and approved.

Expense receipts (proving the sponshorship of new orphans), will be accessible from inside the wallet and we will provide phone numbers for auditors to prove 100% charity expenditures. TECHNICAL: (From the rpc, type 'run contribution' to see the tithes into the foundation for a time period, and to see the outgoing sponsorship click the wallets 'Accountability' button to see a list of orphans, expenses, sponsorship dates, amounts, and the charity phone number, and txid).

For the first 6 months, 10% of each block will be allocated to the foundation, for sponsoring orphans at 100%. Once per month, we will cash in anything over $40 available on an exchange, and sponsor orphans on our volunteer time.

After the sanctuaries go live, the 10% tithe will be diverted to an ongoing budget with DAO governance, voting, allowing the coin to function as a decentralized autonomous charity; at that point the lead dev and volunteers will become a normal part of the community allowing the coin to run by itself.

To avoid wasting energy on meaningless SHA hashing, (or mining), biblepay introduces the BibleHash algorithm, that allows biblepay to run on common commodity PCs, since the algorithm is resistant to porting to video cards and ASICs and is resistant to running in non-full node environments.

In addition to the low energy requirements and high efficiency of POB, the reward per block is set to be relative to the length of time the block took to solve, (meaning that abusive hash attacks result in subsidy decreases).

The network will be high efficiency with low total energy consumption, and the charities sponsored must also be high efficiency (over 75%). Next, we are deflationary, meaning that we start by issuing a larger amount of coins per block, and each year we tighten the supply by 10%.

BiblePay deflationary Emission Schedule: (205 blocks per day, 7 minute block targets), 1.5% monthly deflation, variable block reward between 20000 and 5000 based on network difficulty:
Please see Emission Schedule here.

Initiated with best practices in mind (instant transactions, voting, small block files, the latest bitcoin technology), robust security and sync protocols, enhanced block sync accuracy functions, and a new high efficiency hashing algorithm (bible hash), we are truly starting at the forefront.

At our core, we want to allow 10% of our blockchain to pass through directly towards sponsoring orphans in 3rd world countries. This sponshorship activity changes a childs life: a starving child with no direction can thrive while attending church, school, and the child development center.

After our sanctuaries go live, we allocate 10% of each block subsidy to our governance committe (a DAO), automatically, with 100% of that being spent on charity. The current charity is, with 100% allocated to sponsoring orphans.

We want to set a precedent to only partner with charities over 75% efficient, meaning over 75% reach the end-user.

Over time, our sanctuaries will become a charity governance committee, to allow our community to take over the day to day operations of the charity: voting on where the money is spent, how much is spent. This way, we will not be centralized.

    The block reward breakdown is as follows:
  • 100 Reward (example)
  • 10 : Charity (sponsoring orphans, 100% goes to the orphans)
  • 10 : Sanctuary network (goes live at Christmas of 2017 - allows for rewards for running full sanctuary nodes, allows the coin to become a Charitable DAO organization, fully running by the community itself)    (Note this is 0 for the first 40000 blocks)
  • 80 : Block Subsidy to the Node who mined the block using POB

NO PREMINE - the lead dev starts with zero, the orphan foundation fund starts with zero, the distribution is entirely fair. NO ICO. The distribution curve is evenly declining with no hidden bumps early. The self-governance committee and masternode payments are deliberately delayed until Christmas, to allow people to prepare and save up the initial requirement. Running a sanctuary is open to anyone. The lead dev will sponsor the first 10 orphans out of his own pocket.

Accountability: The wallet will have a reconciliation page built in at go live, to show all charitable income and expenses.

The expenses will be auditable. We will also provide a web page with pictures of the sponsored orphans clickable from the wallet to show our investors what good we are doing. And finally- we will maintain a copy of charitable receipts in order to maintain 100% accountability.


01Build a Christian Community

A Christian based project designed to sponsor orphans, buy income generating animals for those in distress, and help one another in the community.


We are deflationary (tightening by 10% per year), lowering the risk of holding BiblePay against the world currencies.

OUR PATH To Success
Be the most Efficient02

Our goal is to be efficient (not wasting power, partnering with > 75% efficient charities), be deflationary, provide the highest technology and speed, and have a decentralized governing body that votes on all charitable expenses (therefore the currency will run as a decentralized autonomous charitable organization).

Launch and support03

Biblepay goes live July 1, 2017 and can be exchanged on C-CEX. Please see our forum link at the top for support.

Biblepay - Road Map

Bible-Pay - Goes Live



Sponsoring Orphans



SanctuaryNodes based Governance Committee for Charity


Allows the community to vote on Charitable expenses


Marketing Campaigns



Ability for members to help others in distress, and Community Prayer system.


In wallet prayers.


Sponsoring income generating farm animals for the poor



Market Biblepay as a deflationary alternative to 401k investments.

Biblepay debit card available.

Integration with retailers accepting cryptoexchange plugin.


Why Another Block Chain?

This blockchain serves as a decentralized autonomous charity, yet is still an investment.

It benefits orphans and those in distress at 100% tithe pass-through efficiency, while it is a deflationary investment.

  • Less mining heat than bitcoin - using the novel Bible Hash algorithm
  • A reliable network of full nodes stay online
  • The culture fosters a Christian environment
  • Those in the community help and pray for each other with (in wallet prayers), and extend Jesus kingdom
  • Deflationary
  • 10% goes to high efficiency charities

Biblepay Integrity

Our goal is to provide a hedge against hyperinflation, while helping orphans at the same time. We also desire to reduce heat generation by using the Bible Hashing Algorithm in place of Proof Of Work.

Become a loving community adhering to Jesus commandments: sharing amongst each other and voting and executing charitable expenses for those in distress.

We believe in maintaining a cross platform wallet, using highly supportable C++ and Stratis technologies, maintaining a TestNet branch for UAT & Regression testing, and maintaining a stable Prod environment.