BiblePay is a Charity Christian Cryptocurrency

Helping Orphans
10% of mined coins go to Charity each month, sponsoring hundreds of orphans, Our blockchain has donated over $200,000

Cancer Research
Earn coins running real science on your computer, Help cure Cancer and fight Aids, Our community has donated over 30,000 years of CPU time to research

RandomX – CPU Only Mining

Install the wallet and Start Mining coins. We are the first Bitcoin branch to utilize RandomX, allowing any computer to mine and be rewarded for securing the chain while not worrying about GPU or ASIC diluting your rewards

Spreading Gospel
Read Bible inside the wallet, Earn coins Sending Prayers to all users, Host YouTube videos at risk of being censored, upvote and store data on Christian Spaces

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Technical Details

Algorithm:  RandomX (with KJV bible verses on each getblock)
Mining Strategy: CPU only
Launch Date: July 23rd, 2017

No Premine, No ICO

Max Supply:
5.2 billion BBP year 2050
Emission Rate: -1.5% every month
Block Time: 7 minutes per block

Sanctuary (Masternode): 4,500,001 BBP

Block Reward:


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“Love one another, be a good Samaritan, help those in distress, and spread the gospel”