What is BiblePay?

BiblePay is a charity-focused christian cryptocurrency that uses “green” mining technology to directly impact the world in a positive way, from supporting disadvantaged people worldwide, to helping cure some of humanity’s most debilitating diseases. Being self-funding, the philanthropic reach of BiblePay is potentially limitless.

What the core-values of BiblePay?

Giving to charity in abundance, helping find cures for diseases, sharing the Gospel of Jesus, and decentralizing your money.

How is BiblePay able to give to charity in abundance?

In most blockchain-cryptocurrencies – BiblePay included – new blocks are created with a process called mining. In general, these blocks contain newly generated coins. Normally, all these coins go to the miner is given the privilege (by solving a difficult hash) of adding the next block to the blockchain. BiblePay is unique in that 10% of all these newly created coins go directly to charity. BiblePay also has an advanced blockchain-based voting system in place. This system allows our community to choose specific charities and decide how much goes to each charity.

How did BiblePay help find cures for diseases?

The creation of cryptocurrency requires a lot of computing power. Unfortunately the electrical energy used to process most cryptocurrencies is essentially wasted on solving mathematical problems that offer little or no value to society. BiblePay took a completely different approach. Instead of wasting energy that essentially just generates heat, most of our network-securing computing resources were used in research projects focused on finding cures for diseases.

We supported two projects through BOINC, the Berkley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. BOINC seeks to use idle computer time to do scientific research. The two projects we supported are [email protected] which studies proteins and protein folding in the quest to produce cures for major diseases such as cancer, as well as World Community Grid which currently has eight sub-projects. World Community Grid’s sub-projects range from Ebola and Zika virus research to cancer research. Both of these projects began over a decade ago.

How is BiblePay sharing the Gospel of Jesus?

BiblePay has implemented novel ways to spread the Gospel. For instance, we have encoded the entire KJV Bible into our software. This means that every BiblePay user has access to the Bible right from their wallet. Also, the wallet displays a Bible verse with every transaction you do.

There are also other implementations right inside the wallet, like asking others to pray with you or documenting repentance for your sins. More in-wallet features are being developed, such as writing letters to the orphans we sponsor.

Being a self-funding cryptocurrency provides us with even more ways to spread the Gospel. For instance, we can use our BiblePay coin (BBP) to incentivize people to learn more about Christianity. For example, we have Gospel Links that you can navigate to learn about Christianity and at the same time earn some BBP.

Why is it important for BiblePay to decentralize money?

Decentralizing money has opened up an enormous long-term potential, not only by giving power to the people, but also because the technological basis that has made decentralization possible simultaneously creates new opportunities to change lives for the better. BiblePay is already changing lives by donating one out of every ten coins to charities