All of the donated BBP is accountable. All official receipts are available on this website. We also have an in-wallet decentralized accountability system. You can find all expenses and revenue in the ‘Business Object List’. You can also type ‘exec theymos’ in de debug console to get a report.

Not only are we accntable in the form of official receipts, but also in the form of photos and videos we get from the field, as you can see in our ‘charity news’ section below.

Instructions to use our new in-wallet accountability system.
(Note: In the future we will look into making custom menus and screens for certain types of business objects).


Click Business Objects | Right click Expenses | Click List.
You can then see the expense details (all expenses since we started – and these reconcile to the pool up to the date of the cutover). You can see a grand total (matching
You can also navigate to a PDF by right clicking the row and click “Navigate to…”


Click Business Objects | Right click Revenue | Click List.
You can then see the revenue details (all liquidated BBP since inception – these reconcile to up to the date of the cutover). You can see a grand total (matching our total converted fiat on all exchanges).

Theymos Report:

From the RPC, type ‘exec theymos’.

"Command": "theymos",
"Theymos Report": "10-07-2018 12:11:28",
"Total Coinbase Emission (Money Supply)": 998579970,
"Total Charity Budget": 99857997,
"Total BBP Sold on Exchanges": 92232375,
"Total BTC Raised": 20.55,
"Avg BTC Price": 7170.321212121213,
"Avg BBP Price": 0.001746964663980517,
"Total Revenue in USD": 161126.7,
"Total Expenses in USD": 161483.18

This report reconciles our entire blockchain money supply to what we actually spent on charity.

So in section 1, we have a money supply of 998.5MM. Since our Emission wiki states that we give 10% to charity, our Charity Budget portion is shown in actual live figures of: 99.85MM. Our actual BBP sold on exchanges: 92.23MM. (The reason BBP sold is a little less than our target charity, is because we are 30 days behind – with governance and liquidations).

So this shows the actual amount liquidated reconciles back to the stated amount we spend in our mission and to our total money supply.

Next, we show that we raised 20.55 BTC and sold it at an average price of .00174 USD per BBP with an average of 7170 per BTC.

Next, we show our USD expenses (actual totals) derived from our actual live-in-wallet business objects to be $161,483 – in contrast to our revenue of $161,126. The expenses were slightly higher than the revenue (due to me slightly overpaying compassion each time I pay an invoice).

Note that the actual details of each invoice and revenue record are now stored in IPFS, and going forward we will start using IPFS to store these records, meaning this report will be automatically updated in real time. We will truly be realizing our vision as a DAO, with decentralized accountability records in IPFS.” -Rob