BiblePay was conceived and intentionally designed to be many things:

1. A unique ‘Use case’ method to use Blockchain technology to directly help our fellow mankind — in particular those that need our help the most — orphans the world over.

2. The creation of a fast reliable means of exchange — a true deflationary token system — and whereby BiblePay(BBP) currency donations can be instantly sent to missionaries in the field and or to disaster relief areas.

3. The offering of a low energy network that allows virtually anyone with a home computer, and or a mere mobile device, to mine and thus earn BiblePay(BBP).

4. The development of a pioneering way to help the worlds ‘unbanked’ truly become their own bank.

5. A Masternode governance system: The adoption of a proven structure that allows both expenses and proposals to be voted on by those that truly have a vested interest in the overall BiblePay Vision. Masternode owners are rewarded BiblePay currency daily and for their faith and commitment to the project.