Our July monthly superblock recently passed with many exciting proposals funded

This month 6,718,973 BBP was donated to charity.

Funded proposals include:

a) 6,000,000 BBP
 were donated to our main charity Compassion International to support over 300 children.

b) 718,973 BBP was donated to BLOOM to help set up a sustainable farm to feed orphans in Uganda.

a) 2,977,232 BBP 
was awarded to Rob to cover IT payroll expenses.

b) 326,316 BBP was given to Jaap for his work to improve the website.

c) 56,184 BBP will help pay for a VMWare Fusion license so that MIP can continue to test and improve the Mac OS wallet.

d) 90,368.75 BBP was approved to pay for website plugins that will help us to publish better newsletters and improve our SEO.

a) 7,000 BBP
 was given, as was approval, to start the BiblePay foundation. More on this in a future post.

b) 500,000 BBP was used to top up the orphan letter writing fund.

c) 1,000,000 BBP was sent to a BiblePay airdrop fund. Details of how this will transpire will be released at a later date.

d) 312,500 BBP was approved so that BiblePay could be added to the MNCN.online Chinese Masternode website.

e) 122,549 BBP was paid to test Google, Twitter, and Facebook ad campaigns.

f) 1,552,501 BBP was added to the new exchange fund.

g) 482,412 BBP and 655,561 BBP were awarded to Togo in two proposals for his work to promote BiblePay.

How can I help or be involved?
We are always looking for people who want to be a part of changing the lives of those in our world who are most in need. If you would like to support our cause we would love you to get in touch via any of the means listed below. Specifically, to help the mission of BiblePay you can:

a) Write to our orphans.
b) Help us to cure disease using BOINC.
c) Invest in BiblePay at one of our partnered exchanges SouthXchangeQIEX, and CryptoBridge.
d) Propose work to help BiblePay grow (and potentially be paid!).
e) Share our articles and mission on social media.

Our website,
BiblePay forum



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