July 2018 news overview

Recently our lead dev, Rob, announced plans to form the “BiblePay Foundation”.

From the wiki:

“The BiblePay Foundation is a non-profit Texas Corporation that manages vendor relationships, vendor payments, orphan fundraisers, cryptocurrency exchanges, taxes and legal decisions.”

Further details can be found on the wiki article. This is the next step to BiblePay being recognised as the cryptocurrency of charity, a cryptocurrency with compassion and a conscience.

In late July BiblePay turned 1 year old
BiblePay was formed on July 23rd 2017. Since then we have given over $130,000 USD to charity, we have started to sponsor 339 children in need around the world, and we have become the leading team with Rosetta, using our computational power to help cure disease. Now that is a happy birthday!

The third episode of “The BiblePay Show” was released recently. Well done to 616westwarmoth and Togo for a really great watch.

How can I help or be involved?

We are always looking for people who want to be a part of changing the lives of those in our world who are most in need. If you would like to support our cause we would love you to get in touch via any of the means listed below. Specifically, to help the mission of BiblePay you can:

a) Write to our orphans.
b) Help us to cure disease using BOINC.
c) Invest in BiblePay at one of our partnered exchanges SouthXchangeQIEX, and CryptoBridge.
d) Propose work to help BiblePay grow (and potentially be paid!).
e) Share our articles and mission on social media.

Our website,
BiblePay forum



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