QIEX Digital Asset Exchange

BiblePay was recently listed on a new exchange based in Hong Kong, QIEX. From the initial contact it was clear to us that QIEX were a special exchange with kind-hearted people. The staff at QIEX were extremely friendly, and went out of their way to help us at every stage.

Not only did QIEX list BiblePay on their exchange for no fee, but they recently announced on Twitter that they

will participate in BBP’s charity events. QIEX will donate BBP’s pair exchange fees, BBP-USDT,BBP-BTC, including BBP, USDT, and BTC.

This is remarkably charitable, but their kindness did not end there. QIEX offered to translate our new Whitepaper from English into Chinese!

We thank QIEX for understanding and supporting our vision to help needy children around the world. We look forward to growing our user base in China and Hong Kong with QIEX and hope this will continue to be a fruitful partnership!

Statement from QIEX:

At QIEX, all projects need to undergo a rigorous review. False and unreasonable projects are not allowed to be listed on QIEX. In BBP projects, everything is traceable. This is very fair and transparent, which is very much in line with the fair, transparent and good ideas pursued by the QIEX team. This is the basis for our long-term cooperation.

In addition, the BBP project has moved us for another important reason. The blockchain industry is very popular. The number of Coins and Tokens issued is numerous, and we have also contacted a very large number of projects. BBP is a small number of people who pay attention to the development and application of the project itself. Not a team focused on cryptocurrency prices, after all, we see too many people constantly expanding their value and updating currency technology. But without seeing any use, BBP has led very much in this area. You are the real practitioners of the blockchain, which is very precious.

The issue you mentioned about listing fees is also a very sad question. We were also thinking before, “why do cryptocurrency projects have to pay very high costs for the listing of coins?” There was news that the cost of listing coins is as much as $7 million for some exchanges, which is a huge sum of money. Many coins also received only a few million U.S. dollars in the ICO phase and spent most of their funds on listing expenses. What then is left for the project to conduct research and development? This is puzzling, and at the same time it has caused many projects to focus only on the market value of the coin. This is a bubble and is not true cryptocurrency. It is well known that the listing of coins is an important source of income for the exchanges. In fact, QIEX has already tried to cancel listing fees. Perhaps BBP gave us a determination. Your kindness deserves strong support. QIEX made the choice they deemed correct and cancelled the listing fees for all cryptocurrency projects. We hope that all those who work in the blockchain industry, use capital for project optimization and make projects that change the world.

The above statement should be considered by all cryptocurrency exchanges! Thank you QIEX!



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