BiblePay has received letters and reports from our sponsored children

Here you can find our sponsored children; four in Sierra Leone and ten in Uganda.

BLOOM is one of our close charity partners and April from BLOOM reported to us how the children are doing.

Sierra Leone: “Sierra Leone has one of the lowest life expectancies in the world, with 49 years old for males and 51 years old for females.”

As a reminder, children in Sierra Leone receive 3 meals per day with this sponsorship, but we have separate fundraisers for their school fees/uniforms/shoes/supplies and their Christmas gifts. We are currently raising money for their school fees that are due September 1st. These children are all in the process of being transferred to foster or extended families right now, as the orphanage is being forced to close it’s doors and be transformed into a community center (which will also serve these kids in other ways).

Uganda: “Every 20 minutes a child is orphaned in Uganda.
Rakai District has continued to experience high HIV rates at 12%, compared to the national average of 7.3%.”

As a reminder, Side by Side Christian Ministries in Rakai, Uganda, rescues a child out of an abusive foster or biological home and places them in a Christian boarding school until a suitable family placement can be found. Children are provided education at one of the best schools in Uganda and are given everything they need each month including: food, housing, school fees, uniforms, necessities, etc.

It is clear that BLOOM is changing the lives of the most needy people in our world. BiblePay is delighted to help in this mission. Thank you BLOOM.



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