14 orphans sponsored in first cooperation between CameroonONE and BiblePay!

CameroonONE is the first organization in Cameroon placing orphaned children in the household of surviving relatives while ensuring that they receive an education and proper healthcare within a secure family environment in order to bring hope and opportunity to a large population of the country’s orphans.

CameroonONE is a young charity and BiblePay is a young cryptocurrency, and when they reached out to us the community immediately got excited. We are very happy that CameroonONE has placed trust in BiblePay, and we hope that we can grow together well into the future!

BiblePay is currently sponsoring 14 children at CameroonONE, and we hope that we can sponsor many more in the coming years. We would like to help CameroonONE in manifesting their vision:

To create a culture in which all orphaned children in Cameroon have the opportunity to grow as a member of a family and become productive citizens who will impact and lead their community into a better future.

Here are photo’s and bio’s of the children that BiblePay is sponsoring:

I am Che Brian. I am an orphan in primary six in GS Matrufo Mankon Bamenda. My parents die when I was two years old. I suffered, sick and was hospitalized due to lack of parental childhood care up till date. I live in my parentless home for about 5 years without school education and good nutrition. CameroonONE becomes the wind of change in my life by placing me under foster parents and enrolled me under good health and educational sponsorship. All thanks to CameroonONE. No Hope to go to college because of no funds. I tune in prayers to God begging Him for abundant Blessings upon you who shall be my helper and sponsor for the next school academic year.

Swirri Merylein is my name. I am 11 years old girl in primary six in GS Alamatsom Mankon. My father long die when I was still a baby. I have therefore never ever enjoy care and disciplines, I have never hear a father voice calling and giving me moral instructions as others does to their children, and I have never received a father blessings and protections. I have never received a pen, book, or a gift from a father. However, I dedicate my worries and hopes to God. I look upon who so ever can take fatherly responsibility over me such as CameroonONE to be my father. CameroonONE is a messenger of God, who plays the roles of a father over my life by offering to me a pen, school fees, rice and voice of comfort, encouragement and protection of my welbeing, healthy and happy living. I hope for college sponsorship.



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