Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name

Founded in 1952, Compassion International began providing Korean war orphans with food, shelter, education and health care, as well as Christian training. Today, Compassion helps more than 1.8 million children in 25 countries.

As of 1st June 2018, BiblePay is sponsoring over 300 Compassion International children, which represents the majority of our charity activity. These donations, along with those to our other two charities (BLOOM and CameroonONE), are funded through our coin emission. In total, at least 10% of our emission is donated to charity.

Compassion International Mission: (from their website)

Compassion International is a child-advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty. The ministry releases children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. The goal is for each child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult.

Compassion’s work has grown from modest beginnings in South Korea in 1952 when American evangelist Rev. Everett Swanson felt compelled to help 35 children orphaned by the Korean conflict. Today it is a worldwide ministry where millions of children are now reaping the benefits of one man’s clear, God-given vision.

Statement from Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado, President & CEO, Compassion International:

Compassion is extremely grateful for the support from BiblePay. Thanks to their hearts for ministry, more than 300 children who live in poverty are receiving life-changing care through their local churches. This is an investment that can reap eternal returns across generations…and it starts by caring for one child. Thank you BiblePay for the way you are transforming these children’s lives.

We love that Compassion are “Christ Centered. Child Focused. Church Based”. As BiblePay grows we expect to have the opportunity to sponsor many more needy children, and we hope to work closely with Compassion into the future.

How can I help or be involved?

We are always looking for people who want to be a part of changing the lives of those in our world who are most in need. If you would like to support our cause we would love you to get in touch via any of the means listed below. Specifically, to help the mission of BiblePay you can:

a) Write to our orphans.
b) Help us to cure disease using BOINC.
c) Invest in BiblePay at one of our partnered exchanges SouthXchange or QIEX.
d) Propose work to help BiblePay grow (and potentially be paid!).
e) Share our articles and mission on social media.

Thank you!



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