Andrew Scribner, founder of the Kairos Children’s Fund, has written an article for us, explaining the Fund and the impact they are having:

Kairos Children’s Fund is a program that sponsors the education of children who could otherwise not go to school, or would have a very difficult tone doing so.

In the Philippines,education is technically free. Just as in most countries, public school is free. But there are payments for assignments and projects and school fees.there are other costs — such as transportation, lunch, snacks,and uniform.

Often, parents would even decide not to send their children to school but to work instead. This is the case of some high school students, who would have had to earn money so that their younger siblings could go to school.

It is really a joy to see parents whose kids would miss out on an education, but are now able to expect their son or daughter to graduate from high school and maybe even college.

Our motto is Educate a Child — Help Alleviate Poverty. This is true; poverty is found most often among the least educated. These are people often not given a fighting chance, since those more privileged do not understand the real struggle. For example, the families in our program do care for their kids education, yet the reality of life is too tough. It’s easy to say that education should be a priority, yet in the urgency of survival, it is just not that easy.

Besides just money for school needs, we provide rice for the families through a separate “rice fund”. We also plan to give summer opportunities to the kids.

Along with other programs like this, Kairos Children’s Fund helps to give opportunities to families… through the most basic and empowering of human rights : education.

We currently have 16 kids in the program. 10 are sponsored by BiblePay.



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