May has been an extremely busy and productive month for BiblePay.

(This article was originally published on Medium by Znffal.)

Here you will find a succinct summary of our progression over the last month or so.

  1. Monthly Superblock: Funded proposals.a) Charity: We currently sponsor 329 children around the world!
    * Rob
     was awarded 7,000,000 BBP to fund the needs of the children sponsored by Compassion International.
    * April from BLOOM was granted 853,000 BBP for the children in Uganda and Sierra Leone.
    * The third round of sponsoring the 14 CameroonOne children was funded, Jaap collected 125,000 BBP for the cause.
    * Capo was granted 400,000 BBP to contribute towards a canoeing trip for kids from Slovakian children’s homes.All together in this monthly superblock 8,378,000 BBP was awarded to charity which is approximately $28,485 USD (at 0.0034 USD per BBP, the monthly average price)b) PR:
    * Togo’s
     “mixed bag” of promotion, marketing, advertising, and managing social media was funded 265,164 BBP, and separately189,257 BBP.
    * Jaap was entrusted 1,552,501 BBP to continue to build up an exchange fund, and separately, 104,210 BBP to begin development of printed introduction guides to BiblePay, as part of the “Mass Embracement Campaign”.c) IT:
    * Marcus Antonius was funded 151,800 BBP for developing the beautiful new BBP wallet theme “Bezaleel”.
    * MIP received 270,270 BBP to purchase a 2nd hand Mac and developmacOS and iOS BBP wallet versions.
    * The community agreed to Togo’s request to pursue listing on CryptoBridge for 1 BTC (2,500 BBP).
    * Jaap was compensated for his time on the project, mainly redesigning the new website, 509,673 BBP, while zthomas was paid 316,143 BBP for his work on the new and current websites.
    * The revamp of BiblePay-Central by Lichtsucher was funded 600,000 BBP.
    * Finally, 1,812,817 BBP was granted to the lead dev (Rob) for IT expenses and payroll.
  2. News and Updates.a) BiblePay received a large donation, and we now sponsor 329 orphans!
    b) New process for writing letters to orphans.
    c) Rob met with a Compassion International team member.
    d) New Exchange! QIEX. They also decided to donate all transaction fees back to the orphans!
    e) Android mobile wallet released. (Play store link here)
    f) Wallet version was released (Leisure upgrade).
    g) Bezaleel theme added to the wallet.
    h) ChineseSlovakian, and Russian language translations merged into the wallet
    i) Our new updated Whitepaper was released.
    j) BiblePay team member profiles added.
    k) Following on from hosting the first BiblePay conference, Habib was interviewed on Ghanaian radio.
    l) Episode #1 of the “Unnamed BiblePay show” was released.
    m) Video message for BiblePay from the Christian Alliance for Orphans Conference.
    n) Purepool support forum added.
    o) Community run PoDC pool was created.
    p) BiblePay-Central upgraded.
  3. Up and Coming.
    a) We have a mandatory update coming up in late June. Production changes include:
    * Bug fix to stop cascading superblocks (allowing monthly and daily blocks to co-exist).
    * Mining difficulty retargeting of 2% to obtain 205 daily blocks.
    * PoDC algorithm enhancements.
    * A new exec command to search PoDC data.
    * Enhancements to the Android mobile wallet and to the pool.b) macOS and iOS (mobile) wallet support is being developed.

     Since we now have the approval of the community in the latest superblock vote, we will pursue the offer of listing BBP on CryptoBridge.

     Our new website is under development. We will update the community as it nears completion.

     Bhavani is working on adding proposal submission via the QT wallet.

     Habib continues to work on outreach missions in Ghana.

How can I help or be involved?
We are always looking for people who want to be a part of changing the lives of those in our world who are most in need. If you would like to support our cause we would love you to get in touch via any of the means listed below. Specifically, to help the mission of BiblePay you can:

a) Write to our orphans.
b) Help us to cure disease using BOINC.
c) Invest in BiblePay at one of our partnered exchanges SouthXchange or QIEX.
d) Propose work to help BiblePay grow (and potentially be paid!).
e) Share our articles and mission on social media.

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