IMPORTANT NOTICE: the airdrop is running low on budget and will be put on hold until further notice on October 14th, 12 a.m. EET. Please submit your form before that date.

BiblePay is a charity-focused cryptocurrency that uses “green” mining technology to directly impact the world in a positive way, from supporting disadvantaged people worldwide, to helping cure some of humanity’s most debilitating diseases.

Technically, we are a CPU-only coin with masternode governance that donates 10% of all generated coins to charity in a decentralized way, and uses 90% of our networks CPU-power to aid research-programs that primarily focus on cures for cancer and HIV/AIDS.

BiblePay is celebrating its one-year anniversary with an indefinite airdrop for new mining users.

In order to participate in this airdrop, you need to:

  1. Set up a miner and collect the 1000 BBP staking bonus
  2. Join our Telegram
  3. Sign up for our newsletter
  4. Retweet or share our airdrop-post on Twitter or Facebook
  5. Fill in the airdrop-form (or see below)
-This airdrop is for NEW users only.
-This airdrop does NOT apply to Smartphone Mining.
-If you don’t collect the staking-bonus (worth 1000 BBP), you won’t receive the rest of the airdrop (4000 BBP).
-Your BiblePay wallet needs to be connected to [email protected] (if you follow the mining set-up guide you will be fine). You can double-check if your wallet is linked by entering your CPID in the ‘Proof of Distributed Computing’ box on
-CPID stands for ‘Cross Project ID’. You get one when you create an account with [email protected] at This is further explained in our mining set-up guide, which you can find here:
-Please submit the form only AFTER you have connected your wallet to [email protected], or your submission will be invalid.
-You will only receive the airdrop if you successfully complete every step.
-Submissions will be processed manually several times per week.
-If you want to earn even more BBP, you can write our orphans. 1700+ BBP for each approved letter!